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What Is Your Dating Personality Style?

How your personality affects the way that you date.

Your personality can play a huge role in the way you deal with the ups and downs of dating. Sometimes we’re wired to react a certain way to situations and its best to be in tune with your personality so you can avoid anyone likely to trigger your fears and anxiety. In the same regard, knowing yourself better can help you pursue pleasures and people best suited for you.

Dating is different for everyone. Mainly because we all experience dating through the lens of our personality. How you think, or perceive, your dating experiences is based on who you are as a person. So who are you? Each of us are complicated combinations of our environments, thoughts and experiences.

While we don’t need to put ourselves in a box, having a general idea of your personality can greatly improve your dating experience. It gives you insights on areas of opportunity for you and strengths you may be unaware that you posses.

What you’ll find in this guide is an overview of your personality type.Based on your quiz results you’ll also find recommendations for your love life.

A few tips to applying these traits in dating for better results. It should also give you an insight on when you identify these characteristics in others.

My quick quiz will determine your personality type. Take the quiz to find out how your personality style can affect your dating style. Already know your type, get the full report here. 

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